Escada Restaurant – Macau

Things we got from Escada restaurant

Chorizo sausage : Not bad, but too salty. Firstly we spotted the table next to ours ordered this and the preparation was impressive so we ordered as well.

Steamed Clams : Tasted lemon sauce. It was ok.

Escada again – steamed clams

Portuguese coconut curry chicken? : it was also ok.

Escada again – coconut curry chicken

Duck bacon rice : also ok… a little salty

Escada again – duck bacon rice

African chicken : nobody can expect this to have every bone… very annoying to eat properly. Nightmare chicken

Portuguese cuisine at Escada – African chicken, it’s NOT boneless. super hard to eat…

Seafood soup : Just forget this

Portuguese cuisine at Escada – seafood soup (NOT TASTY)

And considering its price… overall I didn’t like this restaurant even though many foods were not bad.
But the good thing was it was the 1st night of our reunion and we were able to get a lot of updates of each other and that was awesome…